Do I need to bring my own furniture/TV?

We provide the bed, linens, a bedside table, and large closet to store belongings. We recommend that you provide a dresser and if needed, a lounge chair (standard folding chairs are provided). We want the residents to feel as much at home as possible. We do not provide a TV at this time although we do provide the cable service. Our maintenance department will assist with moving the furniture in and installing the TV.

What are the visiting hours?

Typically, the visiting hours are between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. You are welcome to have lunch with your loved one in our main dining room or enjoy any part of our community that you would like.

Can I bring my family member home temporarily?

You are welcome to bring your family member home for a visit, per approval by the medical director, although they are not allowed to stay overnight while on short term Medicare stay.

On a short term Medicare stay, what does therapy consist of?

Plan of care is individualized to meet the needs of the patient. We offer Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

Do we need to bring a wheelchair/walker?

We can order a wheelchair or walker if needed, but if there is a specific wheelchair or walker that your family member is used to then we encourage you to bring it.

Are the meals served in the dining room or personal rooms?

Breakfast is always served in the resident’s room. Residents are encouraged to eat in the dining room although if they prefer to eat in their room, that is allowed. We will make sure that assistance will be provided during meals if they choose to eat in their rooms or in the dining room.

Do residents have to participate in activities?

Residents are encouraged to participate in activities but it is not required. Our priority is to ensure the resident is as happy as possible but we understand that sometimes they are not interested in activities. Our staff will continue to encourage participation but will never force a resident to participate.

Do we provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments?

We do not provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. We do however have a Medical Director, Dr. Harold Simon, that comes to Kirkwood every Thursday to see our residents. We also have a Podiatrist and Optometrist that sees residents on a quarterly basis.

Are religious services offered?

Worship services are offered on a weekly basis. Our on-site chaplain, Rev. Richard Hanna, is very active in our skilled nursing community. He offers non-denominational services to include all residents no matter what religious preference they may have.

What types of events are offered to encourage activity participation?

Activities are very important to us at Kirkwood. We want the resident to feel like family and we encourage interaction between other residents and staff. Numerous activities are offered on a daily basis.