Philanthropy & Generosity

The commitment to service at Kirkwood by the River is the heart and soul of the community. Kirkwood began as a ministry of Independent Presbyterian Church, and a generous financial donation from Eugene and Annette Ireland served as challenge to others to not only lend their hearts and prayers to Kirkwood but to invest their time and money here as well. Throughout the years, that same spirit of generosity and philanthropy has sustained and enhanced Kirkwood’s mission as the baton was passed from generation to generation.


Fund Options

The need for generosity continues to this day as we meet present challenges, such as the continued growth of our own Kirkwood family, the maintenance and expansion of our community, and elevating our ability to provide seniors with programming and care. We will be glad to share our needs of the day, both current and long term. Undesignated gifts are welcome as well.

• The Horizon Fund provides for capital improvements, renovation and maintenance that will improve the quality of life for all residents at Kirkwood by the River.

• The Kirkwood Life Care Fund provides financial assistance to residents whose income will no longer support their stay at Kirkwood.

• The Chapel Fund is used to provide worship and other supplies used in the Chapel, and to assist the Chaplain with materials to do his work more effectively.

Fund Options

Types of Gifts

Kirkwood accepts gifts in almost any form, from cash or securities to the more complex, such as bequests, trusts and annuities. As a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, our flexibility makes the process easy for our donors while allowing them to obtain all allowable income and/or estate tax benefits.

Tax Advantages of Gifts

In many cases, gifts, trusts and bequests to Kirkwood can be used to help the donor reduce taxes, increase income, or both. Kirkwood can provide information to potential donors to assist in finding the best gift vehicle, but may not serve as a personal advisor on tax or legal matters. The prospective donor should seek his or her own legal and tax advisor, as well as discuss gifts with family members.

Memorial Gifts

A memorial is a good way to ensure that loved ones, either residents of Kirkwood or non-residents who cared about Kirkwood, remain a permanent part of life at Kirkwood.


Contact Us

You may call or email to discuss donation options at any time. Our team will reach out to help answer any questions and provide details regarding a donation.

If you wish to send a check directly please make payable to:

Kirkwood by the River
c/o Executive Assistant
3605 Ratliff Road
Birmingham, AL 35210-4512

Please note on your check which fund you wish your gift to support.
In addition to donations, loving hands are always welcome at Kirkwood by the River. If you are interested in joining our host of volunteers, please contact us.

If you wish to become a Kirkwood Dreamer or a Kirkwood Sustainer at this time, please fill out the form below, share with us your area of interest regarding gifting to the community, and you will be directed to our PayPal page for your donation.

  • *Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your information.

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The Residents

Our residents come from different backgrounds and bring their unique qualities, talents, and life experiences to complete the Kirkwood community. Here are just a few reflections from some individuals who call Kirkwood their home.

I fell in love with the cottage and the view from my back porch. I am excited to have a yard for Ginger, my poodle, to play in and my own garage, all within an established retirement community!

Charlotte Hamilton Current Resident

My husband and I looked at a number of places when deciding to move to a retirement community. For the most part, we found communities that said, ‘We’re going to take care of you.’ But Kirkwood was different. It wasn’t just about taking care of us. It was also about having fun, having friends, and living life to the fullest. The attitude at Kirkwood was positive and the atmosphere was comforting. We simply couldn’t resist. Without a doubt, the location was ideal. The Cahaba Room that overlooks the river, the mountains, the trails – there were just so many things about life. The community was lively. It was alive.

Alice Brooks Current Resident

We realized we were approaching an age where we might need more assistance than what just downsizing could provide. Knowing we have my sons nearby and the levels of care should we need it is comforting, and the beautiful hillside, river, and the woods makes it that much more appealing. We don’t know of any other community that has the woods, the various levels of care, and so many different amenities.

Phyllis and John Guschke Current Residents

We were moving my parents down from the Cleveland area to be near us. I looked at almost every retirement place in the Birmingham area. The second I turned into Kirkwood’s drive and drove up the hill, I knew that I’d found the perfect place for my parents to live in Alabama. In the six years that my parents have been at Kirkwood, I have always felt nothing but love and helpfulness from every staff member. Everyone is always helpful with a pleasant attitude. You can truly see and feel the family atmosphere. I’m happy that my parents can call Kirkwood their home.

Brenda Sheehan Kirkwood family member

When we learned that Cedar Ridge was being developed, that seemed to fit our needs very well. It is the ideal place for the next phase of our retirement.

Carol and Arthur Stephens Current Residents

One thing that we feel is very important here at Kirkwood by the River is the relationship that we have between the staff and the residents. They are dedicated to making our life here as safe and secure and pleasurable as possible. That goes a long way.

Fred Rogers Current Resident

The community's cottage living surrounded by a wooded, natural environment with access to future healthcare services is what attracted us to Kirkwood!

Rick and Jane Ricketts Current Residents